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Jan. 7

Introduction to Buddhist Meditation Retreat

Jan. 14-15

Intro to Buddhist Loving Kindness Meditation Retreat     

Jan. 21-21 (HYT only)

Vajrayogini Retreat: The Actual Generation Stage Meditation


Jan. 28  (HYT only) 

Vajrayogini Retreat: Meditation on the Body Mandala


Feb. 25

Recovering from Romance: Non-attachment


Mar. 4

Intro to Buddhist Mahamudra:

Clarity of the Mind

Mar 17-19

Southern Dharma Celebration

Festivals & Celebrations

Southern Dharma Celebration

Mar 17-19 2023


Je Tsongkhapa Empowerment and Teachings w/Kadam Morten

Int'l Spring Festival

May 26-31 2023 - held at MKMC, UK
Int'l Refuge Ceremony and commentary 
on the Liberating Prayer

Nat'l US Festival

June 23-28 2023 - held at IKRC Grand Canyon

Int'l Summer Festival

July 28 - Aug. 12 2023 - MKMC, UK
Week 1 - Lamrim Stages of the Path
Week 2 - Highest Yoga Tantra empowerments of Heruka & Vajrayogini
and commentary

Int'l Fall Festival

October 6-12 2023 - held at KMC Malaga, Spain
Buddha Shakamuni empowerment & Teachings on the Eleven Reversals

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